YouMail’s API for access to phone number data (“YouMail Data API”) is a collection of application program interfaces available for developers and other service providers for the purpose of building and/or extending services requiring telephony data, in accordance with YouMail’s Data API Terms of Use set forth below (“Data API Terms of Use”).

These are the terms under which YouMail makes the YouMail Data API available for use. By your use of the YouMail API, you and your organization (if any) agree to be bound by the API Terms of Use (also called this “agreement”).

1. YouMail Data API.

The YouMail API allows any developer who has signed up for a YouMail account to query YouMail for information about a provided phone number, including the name YouMail has determined to most likely be the name of the holder of that phone number, and a spam score, which is the probability YouMail has determined an incoming call or text from that number would be unwanted.

YouMail may in its sole discretion and at any time release new or revised versions of the YouMail Data API that provide different and/or additional information about a phone number or that are not be backwards compatible, and YouMail may require you to obtain and use the most recent version in order to use the license.

2. License.

YouMail grants you a nonexclusive limited license to use the YouMail Data API subject at all times to the terms and restrictions set forth below. No intellectual property right or license to use the same is granted with respect to any patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, or any other right relating to the YouMail Data API. There are no implied licenses or rights granted to you under these Data API Terms of Use (or otherwise), and any and all rights and interests not expressly and specifically granted to you hereby are reserved to YouMail.