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Stop threats, comply with FCC
mandates and improve CX

Leverage the authoritative YouMail Robocall Threat Database to
strengthen security, comply with the TRACED Act and deliver better
service to your customers.

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Real time robocall

Access highly accurate reputation scores, indexed by source DID.

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Know your customer

Monitor customer DIDs and alert when robocall origination occurs.

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Scrub new
telephone numbers

Before assigning numbers to customers, ensure they have clean reputation scores.

Our API provides access
to rich threat data

  • Overall reputation score for any NANP DID
  • Fraud and telemarketing behavior scores for any NANP DID
  • Enumerate all campaigns associated with DID
  • Audio recordings of calls originated by high-risk callers
  • Detailed campaign metrics - date first identified, DIDs, call volume


curl ''


{ "responseStatusCode": 10000, "responseMessage": "Successful", "lookup": { "phoneNumber": "+19991002000", "spamRisk": { "level": 2 } } }

Designed for service provider applications

Our API is designed to help network application developers quickly
meet stringent new FCC regulations.

Simple RESTful interface

Quickly build your application with our clear documentation. You can leverage openAPI tools to accelerate your development project.

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High performance

You can provide real time threat blocking with our embedded database license. Insert database requests into your call path without affecting CPS or call set up latency. Our database is lightweight and easily loads into an SBC or other infrastructure.

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Open an account and immediately begin building. Our self-service portal and APIs provide on-demand management.

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