Protect Your Users From Scams & Robocalls

The same API YouMail uses to reliably identify and block scams & robocalls is now available to everyone. Now it's easy to determine if a phone number is
a problem!

Simply Powerful, Built for Developers

A simple API call will tell you if a number is definitely spam, likely spam, or not spam. The results are drawn directly from our intelligent algorithms that combine call patterns and crowdsourced spam data.
curl ''
{"statusCode":10000,"recordFound":true,"phoneNumber:"9991002000","spamRisk":{"level":1,"reasonLabel":"SPAM_OTHER","reasonCode":5999,"reasonMessage":"This caller has been determined to be a spammer."},"timestamp":"2016-10-05T00:55:50.526Z"}

YouMail's Uses Of Its API

The YouMail Robocall Index
The definitive estimate of how many robocalls happen each month in the US, and which numbers are the worst offenders.

The YouMail Apps
Our iPhone and Android apps play "out of service" messages to bad guys and get users taken permanently off their call lists.